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Our Clients Have Been The Primary Focus Of Our Law Firm Since 1990

At Blanton Law Firm, P.A., your legal matter is not a puzzle that needs to be solved or a case that needs to be closed. We appreciate the fact that you and your family will have to live with the outcome. Our only strategy is to get to know you and your family, educate you about the law and your options, and invest ourselves in finding a solution that is in your best interests.

"As people who have lived and raised four children here, we can understand your issues and needs."

We are a general practice law firm in Salisbury, North Carolina, with a primary focus on traffic, criminal defense and family law.

  • If you have been charged with a crime, you will work directly with the Hon. Ted Blanton, a criminal defense attorney and former Rowan County District Court judge. He is a tough litigator who knows the local court system. He is aggressive in the defense of your rights and straightforward in his advice.
  • We help residents and visitors who have been cited for traffic violations resolve their tickets and protect their driving privileges and insurance rates.
  • Do you have a family law issue? Attorney Mary Blanton is an N.C. board-certified specialist in family law and a certified family financial mediator. Her primary objective is to foster family relationships through cooperative agreements, but she is respected as a lawyer who will go to bat for her clients in the courtroom as well when their interests are at stake.
  • When we conduct residential real estate closings, we are thorough and complete.
  • Do you have a will or a health care power of attorney? We draft wills and other estate documents.

Available | Approachable | Affordable

We don't stop answering the phone when you become our client. We welcome your calls throughout our legal relationship. When we are not available, our two experienced paralegals are here to help you. They have been with us for more than 20 years and always get to know our clients and their cases.

Contact us to schedule your first meeting with a lawyer. Call 704-870-7495, complete our confidential form online. We offer free initial consultations to discuss criminal matters and charge a reasonable fee in other matters.