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Speeding And Driving While Revoked: Frequent But Serious Traffic Offenses


Blanton Law Firm, P.A., is a place you can turn to for experienced and honest legal advice after you have been pulled over for speeding or cited for driving on a revoked license. We represent the residents of Salisbury as well as drivers who may just be passing through the area on Interstate 85.

Do you live out of state? Are you a busy professional? Our lawyer can appear in court on your behalf.

Ted Blanton has practiced law in Salisbury for more than 30 years and was a judge for eight of them. Knowing the local court rules and process is second nature for him, and he is familiar with each judge currently on the bench. He cannot change the circumstances of your case or influence any court official, but he can determine if you will have a better chance in front of a different judge.

Ticketed For Speeding? Don't Pay The Fine. You Could Lose Your License.

When you are pulled over for speeding, troopers often explain how convenient it is to resolve the matter by just paying the fine. This is never good advice. Paying the fine is the same thing as pleading guilty, and your license could be suspended or revoked. Driving 15 mph or more over the posted limit can result in an automatic 30-day license suspension. Convictions can also result in huge increases in your auto insurance premiums.

Driving On A Revoked License Is A Serious Offense In North Carolina

License revocation can result from a conviction for certain traffic offenses, failing to resolve a ticket here or in another state, refusing to submit to a breath test, or failing to complete mandatory treatment for alcohol or substance abuse. If you are pulled over and cited for driving on a revoked license, you face possible jail time. Discuss your matter with our attorney. We can help you resolve the traffic offense and work to keep your driving privileges.

Talk To A Former Judge For Free. What Have You Got To Lose?

If you received a traffic ticket, schedule a free initial consultation with our attorney to discuss your options. You only benefit from getting experienced advice. Call us at 704-870-7495 or email us.

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