You Have To Live With Your Family Law Agreement

We Help You Take Control Of The Process And Make Informed Decisions

Making family decisions is a very personal matter even if some require knowledge of North Carolina laws. When the legal process is over, it is your family that has to live with the outcome. Do you really want a judge making all of the decisions for you?

Blanton Law Firm, P.A., helps families in Salisbury take control of their legal decisions. We place a high value on fostering family relationships. Lawyer Mary Blanton is not only responsive to the needs of your family, but also highly experienced in family law. As a North Carolina board-certified specialist in family law, a certified family financial mediator and a collaborative law attorney, she can handle any situation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Has Real Benefits

Mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce are formal ways for spouses or parents to work together to resolve family disputes out of court. Mary Blanton can act as the arbitrator as well as the mediator if the parties agree.

  • Mediation: A qualified neutral helps facilitate the conversation between spouses or parents so that they can come to a cooperative agreement. This can be done privately, just between the spouses, or with the involvement of attorneys.
  • Arbitration: This is a proceeding that mimics the court process. An arbitrator acts as a judge and will make a binding determination for the parties. We offer mediation/arbitration processes that allow the couple to reach all the agreements they can, and then on those issues that remain in dispute, to have a private judge (arbitrator) settle those matters just as would occur in the courtroom, but without the delays and publicity.
  • Collaborative divorce: Spouses are represented by attorneys who help guide the conversation. All parties involved in the process agree to openly share information and work together toward an agreement.

Although there are differences between each type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), they all provide similar benefits.

  • Control: Although compromises must be made in any family matter, ADR gives you immense control over the outcome. Simply put, you get to decide the terms of your divorce or custody arrangement.
  • Lower costs and ease of implementation: The court process is formal, public and subject to scheduling delays and high costs. Reaching private agreements is more cost-effective and time-effective for all involved.
  • Confidentiality: A divorce is public record, but the ADR process is completely confidential. All discussions are conducted in a private setting, and public “mud-slinging” and reputation damage is avoided.
  • Peace of mind: An agreement reached in mediation or arbitration is final and enforceable in court. Although you may be able to modify an agreement under certain circumstances, you do not have to deal with appeals.

Do You Have A Family Matter? Discuss It With Our Exceptional Lawyer.

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