Pulled Over During A Traffic Stop? Avoid Making These Mistakes.

Your mind may race when you see police lights flashing in your rearview mirror. Did you roll through that last stop sign? Run a red light? Exceed the speed limit? After reviewing all possible infractions, you are ready with an excuse to give the officer at your window. You are certain your account will help you avoid a ticket.

At Blanton Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys know that many drivers take this approach when they are pulled over for a moving violation in Rowan County. Regardless of the circumstances, however, the end result is usually the same: you receive a traffic ticket that may affect your insurance rates and driving privileges.

Whether you are a Salisbury resident or are briefly visiting North Carolina, our legal team can help you minimize the impact this infraction can have. Our lead traffic violation attorney, Ted Blanton, served as a Rowan County District Court judge for eight years before entering private practice. Our firm provides cost-effective counsel for a range of traffic offenses and represents both North Carolina residents and out-of-state residents in court.

Create A Plan Today To Protect Your Privileges Tomorrow

Planning ahead can help you keep your insurance premium low and your driving record clear. Smart drivers know to avoid making these mistakes when they are pulled over by a police officer:

  • Do not argue with the officer who is giving you a ticket.
  • Do not try to make a case. This is a job for your attorney.
  • Do not volunteer extra information; just answer the officer’s questions.
  • Be respectful to the officer, but do not allow the officer to infringe on your rights by allowing the officer to search your car or access your cellphone.
  • Do not pay off the ticket without consulting with an attorney. Paying this fine may seem convenient but it can lead to unintended consequences.

Developing a strategy for handling this scenario before it happens can prevent you from making a mistake that you later regret.

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